Wednesday, August 25, 2010

:: Thrift Store Finds :: How Babies Are Made - 1968, RV. 1979

I was at the thrift store a few years back and came across this gem. Absolute gem. I would like to congratulate the people who came up with the best way to get this important topic across in a easy to understand manner. I would more than anything else, like to congratulate the illustrator.

Here are some lovely examples from the book:
(with some of my own captions...)

The examples to help you understand begin with the chicken(s). This one shows the single hole, the vaganus.

One of the best images of the book (although there are many). No explanation necessary.

"You see Timmy, they do that so we can eat breakfast."

As we move onto dogs, we notice the author believes you may not know what a boy doggie looks like (labeled).

So then these two cocker spaniels (who look like my macroeconomics professor from undergrad) start going at it.

The doggie then gives birth to a new puppy, who is born while asleep.

FINALLY, the illustrator is getting to the good stuff.

So these people make some sweet, sweet lovin'.

Nine months later, a baby is delivered by some dude in a radiation suit or a sewer worker or something.



  1. I think I will label all of my pictures from now on with "Testicle Testicle".

  2. This is the first children's book I've seen with a vaganus.

  3. I was going to note that I had completely missed the vaganus on the first viewing. It was only now that I noticed you can store your extra buttons in there!

  4. I witnessed the birth of my baby. This book's illustrations are completely accurate.

  5. I'm going to use this book to teach my children about how babies are made, and I'm going to enjoy every minute of it.

  6. This is quite possibly the funniest post ever. I will forever try to find a copy of that book of my own.