Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ginormous Omelet

Hungry? Well, be hungry no more. We got you covered, 32 - foot long covered.

To celebrate "World's Egg Day" (my favorite day of the year), 65 Turkey chef cooked a giant omelet on a 32-foot long fryer. This cooking took 2.5 hours, 114 gallons of cooking oil, and enough eggs for you to make an egg bridge to moon, at 110,010 eggs.

Yum yum! I'll have mine with sausage, cheese, onion, and of course our Happy Hour gentlemen must have, bacon =) <3 Source

Jellyfish Slap!

A-jelly jelly.

Happy Bday Lindsay!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Unintentionally Inappropriate Christmas Decoration

Jingle bells?  Jingle bells?  For the love of God stop jingling where the kids can see!

"Never Trust A Man Who Doesn't Hunt" - Teddy Roosevelt

Jon could be described by some as a bit of a city boy. At the same time, he is self-described as a person who wants to do everything. Self-described, because I'm the one writing this post.

For the first time, I joined the camo and blaze orange covered hunters this fall and was determined to get myself the BIGGEST BUCK YOU'VE EVER SEEN... or a small buck... or a doe. No such luck thus far. I've spent more than 20 hours hunting over 3 separate days and have only even seen 3 doe.

I've sat and waited and waited and drank pots of coffee and haven't had a good shot at a thing. I'm a bit deterred. What is it that makes people want to do this year after year? Does the feeling change once you get that first one? It must. Right?

Two things:
1) Any tips for me getting this first monster huge buck of my life?
2) For the non-hunters, what is the weirdest thing you have waited ENTIRELY too long for that is like this?

Friday, November 26, 2010

Kopi Luwak, the $50 cup of coffee

Hey, well good day my beautiful turkey stuffed friends!! Ti's the moment for silly times here on the hhour.org blog with our coffee of the day, Kopi Luwak! Kopi Luwak is the priced to be the most expensive coffee to ever exist! At $50 dollars a cup, this cup of coffee will surely beat your gigantic cup of any American sized cup of liquid caffeine! This coffee can surely back itself up for the price that it is valued at. Now "kopi" is for coffee in Indonesian language, and Luwak, in Indonesian language (Bahasa), is the name for Palm Civet. Also nicknamed coffee hullers ;) (ding! hint). So in this case, our cute Luwak is the source of where you get your beans. Brown brown beans. Or I like to think of it, the Luwak has personally, biologically processed each every individual coffee beans for you =). So the next time you travel to Indonesia, be sure to not miss your cup of Kopi Luwak that awaits your sip =). And as I like to conclude it, Kopi Luwak, good to the last dropplings ;D.

Here is a video story of Kopi Luwak.

Here are some images of the Luwak, and their beanies ;).

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving =)

Happy Thanksgiving to all! If you can't find or remember what to be thankful for, at least the turkey will always give us a reason why =D Haha... But yes, I'm am thankful for many things, including the awesome show called "Happy Hour" with the handsome Ed Glazer, and I am thankful to have found this video =).

Ya know, watching this video, made me think that we should be thankful of the many things we have. Because for some other people, they can only dream of having.

Happy Thanksgiving! =)

Monday, November 22, 2010

‘Brew Masters’ Debuts On Discovery

For months, I have anticipated the debut of this show. ‘Brew Masters’ is exactly the kind of thing I’ve been talking about since getting into beer, and being an avid Discovery Channel watcher built the anticipation even more. The show is hosted by Sam Calagione, founder of Dogfish Head Brewery in Milton, Delaware. Dogfish Head is currently one of my top 5 favorite breweries in the nation, so this helped build the steam in my mind, as well. The approach to the show can be expressed as ‘How It’s Made’ meets ‘Mythbusters’ meets ‘American Chopper’ meets ‘a delicious pint of 90 minute IPA.’

Episode one introduced us to the brewery, told us a bit about the process, sprinkled in some history of brewing and let us meet the characters of the show. And I do mean characters. Sam and his collaborators have a fun sense of humor that comes across in the show and have crafted themselves easily as likable hosts. I’m excited for the show and don’t really want to wait another week to learn about turning spit into beer!

…Until then, I better go find myself a Theobroma to cool me down.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bread People

Bread People is a site for looking at pictures of the Bread People. For example 2 Live Crouton

"Cassingle Of The Week" :: Kris Kross 'Jump'

Do you wear your clothes backwards so that it is impossible to use the bathroom if you're wearing a belt?!? Welcome to 1992, my friend!

Kris Kross' "Jump" is high on the top 100 cassingles in history, according to... me. There is no denying the power of two little kids rapping better than I would ever be able to, all while wearing their clothes in a way that may currently be described as "wiggity wiggity wiggity whack!"

Good news, if you chase these dumb kids, they can't run away because their wearing clothes in a manner befitting to clowns. Congratulations, Kris Kross, for making the list.

1814 Beer Flood Sounds Like Heaven To Brother Jon

See now this would not be a problem for brother Jon. Drowning in beer? Come on...

So an accident, happened in London 1814, 3,500 barrels of beer caused a flood and drowned 9 people, also destroying 2 houses. In this case, it is safe for me to believe that this event would be a child's dream come true for our beloved Jon. As for me, it would probably be... something like immersed in a flood of dragon fruit juice.

So what would yours be?


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tetris Does This To Everyone

From a funny webcomic Optipess:

This always happened to me!

Was Harrison Ford High on Conan?

So this is the buzz around the internet today.  What do you think?  He seems to rub his hands on that chair an awful lot.

Is Ford enjoying the obscurity of cable a little too much?

Alert! Falling stars!

Beware! For the next span of 3 days, stars can be witnessed falling down from the sky. No danger of real physical harm is anticipated, but there may still be some psychological play with your head! (Same feeling like Godzilla chasing you in TV).

This has been brought to you by yours truly, one and only, Happy Hour Meteorologist David Yuan.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

For all the cat fans

Do we have cat fan in the Happy Hour group? I like to play with cats time to time, but not sure about owning one... Nonetheless, this is amusing! Enjoy and here's one reason for you to be happy, or happier today ;)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Craigslist Posts Always Amaze Me

I am ALWAYS amused by the stuff I can find on Craigslist. I run into things that are clearly garbage, I run into things that people seem to think are treasures and want way more money than they are worth, and I run into things so ridiculous in nature I cannot believe. This time we have been given an extra treat...

The idea of posting food on craigslist never really crossed my mind. I see the merit, I see the reason, but I am still completely surprised. Well done, mystery craigslister, you made me laugh today.

What is the most ridiculous thing you have seen on craigslist?

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Grouch

The world needs more Grouch. Not the mood, the emcee! I like Hip Hop, real Hip Hop. I've listened to Hip Hop since I was 6th grade. Although I don't always follow the latest news in Hip Hop, but I always am pleased to find new artist like this. So I'm sharing to all you Happy Hour followers that I love from my heart, this piece of art. (Check out that rhyme)

Props at 2:58 wearing wedding ring. You don't see that a lot, never probably on MVs.

The Heidelberg Project

I'm reblogging this from a Michigan blog I follow called I Heart Michigan. Caryn posts really cool stuff from around the state. She loves doing fun things and takes great photos wherever she heads. Read it!

The Heidelberg Project: "How awesome is this place! The Heidelberg Project began after the Detroit riots and works to transform abandoned Detroit homes into artistic creations. I love seeing great projects like this in the city. These houses are located on the 3600 block of Heidelberg Street and I am so excited to check it out some time soon.

Here is how the Project describes their mission- offering a forum for ideas, a seed of hope, and a bright vision for the future. It's about taking a stand to save forgotten neighborhoods -how great is that!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Car Washes Still Awesome At Age 26!

I distinctly remember as a child begging my parents to go through the auto car wash whenever we were near one. They would give in once in a while (probably based on the dirtiness of the car vs. how much of an annoying kid I was being).

Today, I needed a car wash. I could have gone outside and made a chore of it, but INSTEAD I went to the auto wash, paid way too much money for a crappy car wash, and had the time of my life as I was pulled down some train tracks 20 feet forward at 1/2 a mile an hour! OH MAN! I turned up the radio too loud, sang along to 'Say It Ain't So' at the top of my lungs, and smiled uncontrollably as the spinning towels slapped against the car and soapy water dripped down the car.

What is the most ridiculous thing that YOU were excited about as a child for no good reason at all??

Thursday, November 11, 2010

MSU Sports Preview

Bad news.  There is nothing going on this weekend.  Jack.  Squat.  So I made you this picture of flowers growing out of a bowling ball:

Ok well there's a few things, but seriously not much.  Instead of flooding you with random activities I'll tell you about some major sports events and tell you why they are exciting.  Think of it as sports commentary for people who don't know shit about sports.

Look to have fun and use this guide as a way to have fun understanding some of the major sporting events around MSU.  As always you can follow @thehhour on twitter for alternative commentary during the football games.  As Hockey and Basketball season ramp up there will be commentary from those games as well.  Here's a set of sample tweets:

So check it out.  Game breakdown below!

Friday 11/12

MSU Men's Basketball vs Eastern Michigan at Breslin
Six of the 11 Big Ten men's BBall teams are in or near the top 25 in the nation polls.  MSU is number 2 in the nation (behind Duke).  This is going to be another major year for basketball madness.  We'll be gunning for another Big-10 Championship and looking to bring the NCAA Championship home.  

(continued after the break)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

:: Thrift Store Finds :: Classy MSU Mug

GEEZ! This treasure was picked up at a thrift store in Pontiac, MI on Opdyke Rd. about 4 years ago...

I'm walking through the mug area, which is one of my favorite parts of the thrift store to discover great finds, and this really nice black ceramic mug that has the seal of Michigan State University on it caught my eye. I run over and grab it, pick it up, walk away excited about the $2.99 purchase and continue walking through the store to uncover more treasures... WHEN SOMETHING AMAZING HAPPENS! Read on below!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Here's another reason why our brothers on the other side of the ocean are just so cute =D. Pretty much self-explanatory ;)

The reason why!

Monday, November 8, 2010

"Cassingle Of The Week" :: All For Love

Sometimes, there are little things in your day that let you know that life is worth living. Allow me to present to you the little thing of the day that will do just that:

All For Love cassingle from the Disney movie The Three Musketeers.

Rewind yourself back to 1993. Back when Jack Bauer wasn't the reason you loved Kiefer Sutherland. Back when you loved him because he was Athos, the clear leader of the musketeers and Charlie Sheen was probably either pissed about that or piss drunk.

I love this movie. LOVE IT. I'll watch it right now if you want to hang out and bring some popcorn or we could order pizza or something...

I have SO many stories I could tell! I will limit to the two below:

Foot Juggling

And that... is my sisters ladies and gentlemen :)

Friday, November 5, 2010

Drunken living breathalyzer

Man, this is really too bad that this was not found before our show yesterday. But better late than never!

Basically a kid caught for DUI. What's funny is, he was wearing a breathalyzer costume. Haha... This happened Saturday night before Halloween. Now I started by looking at the kid's face first, but it was not until I scrolled down to look at the rest of the picture that I burst out LAWLING. I can just imagine the cop that arrested him will never think the same way again when saying "insert mouth here."

Laugh away :D

Link to complete article.

Podcast from Thursday, November 4th, 2010

Check it out:
Slutty costumes vs Scary Costumes, Boy receives detention for farting, Tank rants against bicyclists ignoring the rules, Heated discussion on the elections (of library millage), the weekend rundown, and we declare  a nemesis.
The Happy Hour Podcast, November 4th, 2010

Blame It on the Dog: A Modern History of the Fart
The Gas We Pass: The Story of Farts (My Body Science)

This Must Be Seen

Viral vid alert.  Naked dude being crazy in public.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Puppies Wearing Hats Eating Bacon Sharing Facts.

If LOL Cats were dogs... and loved bacon... and FACTS!

Mid-Michigan Weekend Action November 5th 6th 7th

Mid-Michigan Weekend post is now a regular item!  We'll be posting this once per week or so letting people know what the feck to do around town and beyond.

If you do stuff let us know by commenting, calling in and telling us about it, or taking pics or writing a review or something.  We'd love to have readers actually check out what's up and do some of the stuff we find.

With that in mind.  Do this stuff this weekend!  There is a TON going on.  Do it.

Friday 11/05

Commodore Cosmos and opening bands at Mac's Bar in Lansing 
$6 $8 (whatever that means)
As usual Mac's Bar has the third worst website in the world, so we don't know much about this band, who they are, where they're from, or what the show's going to be like.  However the show starts early and Mac's tends to stay open late, so there will likely be a decent crowd of locals hanging out

Spartan Idol Auditions at C132 Holden Hall at MSU
Better be free
Watch MSU students compete for spots in some competition that is vaguely reminiscent of a popular television show!  Apparently there are both singing and MC auditions or competitions or whatever this format it.  I have watched exactly 2/3's of an episode of American Idol over the course of the one billion years it's been on.  Clips here and there, and I hate it hate it hate it.  I'm sure Spartan Idol is similar to it.  Keep in mind though, my tastes are terrible.  I like this.  So if you hate that link, go check out Spartan Idol and report back.

Vagina Warriors: Unplugged at the International Center at MSU
Free and free food ($5 worth) to the first 100 people there
It's pretty much what you'd guess; a battle royale of fighting vag's.  If you have a vagina and you want to go, I think you need to supply your own trainer and towels.  Otherwise it's just kind of a rumble and the strongest vagina left after two hours takes the trophy.  Wait no.  It's a celebration of women through dance, poetry, music, and art.  Ah hell it'll be fun either way.  No vagina needed to attend.

Comedian Scott Long at Connxtions Comedy Club in Lansing
7:30 and 10pm
He make fun on things in pop culture!  It's pretty good stuff - wacky antics regarding celebrity nonsense.  Nice delivery, smooth and fun, kind of crazy.  The clip I saw was from 2007, so I don;t know what he's got nowadays.  Might be good to unwind after the election nonsense lately.  He's also at Connextions on Saturday.

Bob and Tom radio show is the comedy-type radio program on some local radio station.  They bring on comedians and the comedians do their bits a little then they all talk about relatively funny stuff and have generally safe, appealing comedy for the masses.  These guys are the promoters of the working, touring comic.  They have this show where they can showcase their own comedians and a few guests, so I assume the format is part radio-show and part stand-up.  I don't know though.  If you go to this, you will laugh.  That's a 60% guarantee - better than half.  Not my thing, but again, I like weird crap.

Awesome!  My friend Paul (I think he may be my half brother in-law in-law..yeah 2X) built the time machine for this, and I assume kids portraying sick, twisted murdering evolved versions of humans will be hilarious and cute.  It's got everything!  Time machines, kids, weird versions of our future selves, and maybe some hamburgers.  Ok I don't know about the burgers but check it out!  (Saturday shows too)

Mary Poppins
You know what?  Screw Mary Poppins.  It'll be at Wharton until November 21st.  There's enough other crap going on this weekend without it.

(Saturday and Sunday after the break)

1s and 2s

Man, so I got my own pair of 1s and 2s. But this, this is a whole new level. Wireless?? Holy moly dream come true!

Star Wars Vintage Posters

I love Star Wars, as should most of this world. I also love these cool vintage-style posters. If I saw one of these hanging outside the local soda shoppe, I would highly consider signing up for a tour with the Imperial army.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Back to food =)

So as I promised to write from Jon's bacon post, this is that idea that I got. Americans are not the only people in love with bacon, we Chinese roll the same direction when it comes to fatty pork too!!

We skip the thin slicing part and we go by the blocks. We slap it, stew it, roast it, and, of course, eat it!!

Feast your eyes upon this shimmering gold my dear American comrades...Stewed Fatty Pork

Stewed Fatty Pork
More gleaming pigs await you...

:: Thrift Store Finds :: Zach Morris Cell Phone Walkie Talkies

HOLY SH*T!!   I own these. I OWN these now.

These total gems of a find cost me a solid $2. Work pretty well as a walkie talkie but LOOKS like a Zach Morris phone. Released in 1988 by AT&T, these 'Cellular Style' walkie talkies also include a Morse Code feature. When holding down the transmit button (not shown on the far side of the talkie), you can hit any of the number buttons on the 'phone' and send a beep signal to your partner.

I know what you're thinking. I know. "BUT JON, I don't know Morse Code." Good news for you-- they printed a key on the other side of the talkie so you have it with you at all times.

Congratulations, me, on another splendid Thrift Store Find.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Kid Robocop Brings Hope To Detroit

This is OBVIOUSLY phenomenal! The kid wanted to dress up as Robocop. So his Dad is way awesome, too, and made this great costume. Then he took him around Detroit and took these great photos and more. On his blog, the father James D. Griffioen, posts a wonderful description from which I will share some excerpts:

"The boy insisted for months that he wanted to be a robot for Halloween. His sister was a robot when she was his age. We looked at various robot images on the computer and he was most intrigued by Robocop. After I showed him the trailer, there was no convincing him otherwise. He was going to be Robocop. Which was good, because Detroit has a Cancer. That Cancer is Crime."

"Robocop walks pretty slow and the technology running his systems seems about as sophisticated as what was inside a Sega Genesis, but he has a really powerful gun and the bad guys can shoot him all they want and he keeps coming. Basically, he's everything a little boy thinks is cool."

Sure beats the crap out of my stupid costumes. "Cool Dad of Halloween 2010" award recipient.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Along the food topics

Chef Gordon Raymsay's my favorite celebrity chef. While his culinary art is unmatched, a second grade's got better marker stroke than he =D.

This is the postcard design by the chef, one of many designed by British celebrities in efforts to raise funds for a good cause.

Bacon: Main Dish vs. Accessory

There I was at one of the breakfast joints I like to regular here in Lansing. I order my breakfast, and as a side I ordered a few strips of bacon.

Wonderful choice. Wonderful.

I haven't had straight up bacon in a while just by itself, not mixed in something, and then it hit me... In the battle of bacon by itself versus mixed in something else in one variation or another, who wins? Comment Below!

(Note: this is the perfect, epic fight of all time, because at the end, there is only one winner: bacon.)

Amazing 3-Year Old Conductor

Jonathon already receiving rave reviews for his conductorship, within the confines of Mom's living room. "He is beautiful and organic, and so committed, body and soul." - Divalison

I used to do the same thing in church during the hymns as a kid.

This kid is fantastic. Things of note:

1 - He is 3 years old
2 - Check out the nose picking in the middle of the video
3 - Make sure to watch the end for the finale