Monday, January 24, 2011

The United States Of Shame: Thanks For All Of The Cocaine, Colorado; Porno, Utah

The lovely website has made it aware to me that the United States is participating in an enormous game of Would You Rather. Would You Rather: State Edition, soon to hit your block party, consists of analyzing this great map below and deciding as a Michigander if you're happy being worst due to the high unemployment or if maybe you'd like to switch with another state. At least we aren't tops at alcoholism or gonorrhea, right...?   

Which one below do you think is the absolute worst?

Statistics and rationale found at

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  1. Dear lord it couldn't be more true for New Mexico! My friend Jacoby describes everyone as if they got full face botox, but it didn't take the wrinkles away, just no emotions.

    -Molly (recently moved to NM from MI)